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Electromagnetic Field Monitoring Portal

Under the Communications Act 2006, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (“GRA”), is responsible for the management of the radio spectrum in Gibraltar. This includes ensuring that all licensed and licence-exempt radio transmitters comply with guidelines adopted by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (“ICNIRP”).  This standard has been adopted by HM Government of Gibraltar and provides the basis by which the GRA measures the power levels in respect of electromagnetic fields (“EMF”), emitted by the various transmitters around Gibraltar.  These transmitters include mobile telephony antennas, radio and TV transmitters, as well as fixed communication links which connect multiple sites via radio.


In order to better the efforts to ensure that radio transmitters, including next generation mobile network antennas are compliant with the ICNIRP guidelines, the GRA has invested in equipment which is able to continuously monitor EMF levels throughout Gibraltar in the frequency band 20MHz to 40GHz.  The band 20MHz to 40GHz includes all spectrum currently used for mobile telephony, radar, Wi-Fi and broadcasting services, both locally and from neighbouring countries. For a comprehensive list of permitted services in this frequency range, please refer to the GFAT (Gibraltar Frequency Allocation Table). The system initially consists of four fixed monitoring units, an indoor deployable unit (for use inside buildings), and a handheld portable unit to measure EMF at any location around Gibraltar. The fixed and deployable units monitor EMF in real time and automatically uploads the information onto this portal. This equipment will complement the existing spectrum analysers used by the GRA to identify sources of interference.


This portal displays in real time, the power levels from the range 20MHz to 40GHz at 4 fixed sites around Gibraltar. On the map, these are denoted by the antenna icons, and are located in the following locations:


St Anne’s School, Trigge Road, Gibraltar

Westside School, North Mole Road

Kingsway House, Alameda Estate, Gibraltar

University of Gibraltar, Europa Point, Gibraltar


EMFs are measured in a unit called volts per meter (“V/m”) and the higher the measurement, the stronger the EMF.  The ICNIRP standard upper limit is 28 V/m and this denotes a level under which EMF is considered compliant.  The coloured key at the bottom of the map denotes the percentage of field strength compared to the ICNIRP guidelines at each location. The lowest measured value as a percentage of ICNIRP is shown in light blue (0-1%), with the different colours representing different percentages of ICNIRP.


Please note that the information provided for the fixed sites is refreshed approximately every 30 minutes and while consideration is taken to ensure the continuous monitoring of all sites, there are periods when equipment will be offline for routine maintenance or calibration.


As part of the licensing process, the GRA conducts a site inspection of radio installations before permission is granted for the equipment to be powered on, and its EMF is measured. If the site is compliant and the EMF levels are within the ICNIRP guidelines, a licence can be issued. If the equipment exceeds these guidelines, the relevant operator will have to reduce power or remove the entire equipment.


Additionally, if a transmitter is found to be exceeding the ICNIRP guidelines, or operating without a valid authorisation, the GRA will immediately conduct a detailed spectrum use analysis. Using specialised spectrum analysers with direction finding antennas, the GRA is able to determine the exact frequency and location of the transmitter and take the appropriate action to have it powered off and/or removed.


Any person concerned about EMF at a particular location, or would like the GRA to consider whether a particular antenna is being operated within the ICNIRP guidelines, should email radio@gra.gi or visit our website http://www.gra.gi


Documentation on ICNIRP can be found on its website https://www.icnirp.org/

The ‘EMF Guide mobile app’ from the International Telecommunications Union (“ITU”) accessible here,  also provides the public with reliable and clear information on the behaviours of EMF, along with internationally agreed mechanisms for EMF management.